Gold Flatware

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Thank goodness gold flatware has made a wonderful return!  Due to the beautiful design work, more than ever gold flatware is getting the attention is deserves.  From weddings to cozy kitchens, with an array of styles from vintage and modern to bamboo and beveled, there is plenty of tastes to be satisfied.  Equally so, there is also a wide variety of pricing for this table tinsel.  As a Los Angeles wedding planner the desire for fresh looks and ideas are always on the up.  Table design is a very important part of achieving a fresh and elegant look.  Here are a few options of the gold flatware to drool over.

Faceted Gold FlatwareFaceted Gold Flatware $79-$299 at West Elm 



Rose Gold Flatware a set of 5 $39 at Houzz



Threshold for Target. Set of 5 $29 at Target



Satin Gold Set of 5 $140 at Bloomingdales