Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposals

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we cannot wait hear about the romantic engagements that will happen this weekend! If you’re not into the big to-do’s or fluff and massive preparation, just remember to be true to yourself and your special one. Romance is always a winning option. But we love hearing about the big to-do’s as well!  Good luck to all you kids out there moving one step closer to getting hitched!
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10 Great Restaurant Venues For A Post-Wedding Day Brunch in Los Angeles:Part 1

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Here in Los Angeles, we really knows how to do restaurants. Below is a little list of some of my favorite spots in L.A. for post-wedding day brunches. The master designers of these spaces have nailed it on the design scope. The style and design behind all of these spaces is so inspiring you can’t help but allow them into your life.  The use of natural light combined with decor and phenomenal architecture create a perfect back drop for any gathering. Enjoy part 1 of this fabulous list of amazing restaurants in La La-land!

1.) CECCONIS, West Hollywood


Photo: James McDonald via Cecconis bar

Photo: James McDonald via Remodista

Cecconis Brunch

Photo via L.A. Confidential Magazine

2.) REPUBLIQUELA Los Angeles


Photo: Elizabeth Daniels via


Photo: RepubliqueLA

Republique Sign

Photo: unkown


Hinoki door

Photo Hinoki and the bird


Photo: LA Eater


Photo: Tasting Page



Photo: The Telegraph


Photo: Chateau Marmont


Photo: Issada


02_2014_GRACIAS_MADRE-3 gracias-madre-la1 Gracias patio



National Tequila Day!

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Today is National Tequila day! For tequila connoisseurs (such as myself) everyday is national tequila day. But today allows for me to share my favorite tequila infused cocktail with you. I’ve been making Palomas for years, so trust when I say this summer cocktail is so simple to make. You will look like a seasoned mixologist. Yes Mixology is a thing. But that’s another blog post. Let’s focus on the important task at hand….the crafting of this zesty bad-ass drink. I have provided the recipe below but feel free to edit the recipe to reflect your own personal taste. Drink smart and drink responsibly! Cheers!
Photo Credit: StupidDope

Paloma cocktail:

1/4 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice

1/4 cup blanco tequila, brand of your choice, I use Don Julio

Top with 1/4 cup club soda. An alternative to keep the zest longer, try grapefruit soda

Garnish with choice of 1 lime wedge or a peel from a grapefruit. For fun sprinkle a little lavender

Wedding Cakes Galore!

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When it comes to wedding cakes, the bar has been re-set! Today’s wedding cake industry has evolved into an “Master Artisan Crafts Only” arena. There are now competitive cooking shows dedicated to wedding cakes and desserts that have spilled over into the wedding market giving couples an amazing amount of inspiration. Basically if you can dream it, cake designers can create it. Below is a little cake collection of some incredibly gorgeous designs we have had the pleasure of incorporating into a few of our weddings. If only we had access to digital scratch n’ sniff!


Cake by Superfine Bakery
Photo by OneLove Photography

Vanilla Bake Shop

Wedding Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop
Photo by OneLove Photography

Jones on Third

Wedding Cake by Joan’s on Third
Photo by Tec Petaja

Rose Bud Cakes

Wedding Cake by Rose Bud Cakes
Photo by OneLove Photography


Intimate Malibu Wedding

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Hi everyone!  This wedding is so precious and heart-felt.  Anna and Ed came to me with a desperate need to speed up their wedding date. They had been together for 9 years and had decided to make their coupling legal.  At the same time they had learned that Ed’s sister had only a few months left to live. The wedding had to happen in 3 months. The only thing they new was that it had to be intimate, simple and had to happen near the ocean.

Needless to say we hit the ground running!  With no time to spare I found a cozy private residence in Malibu with a stunning 180 degree ocean view. I then quickly snatched up photographer Leah Lee and HeirloomLA and called my friends at Classic Party Rents. With this great team of people, we were able to give Anna & Ed their dream wedding.

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