♥ How to write your own vows…

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Writing your own vows can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. It’s as simple as this: You are writing the vows for one person. You are not writing vows for 100 guests. Your guests are merely witnesses to your love for this person. All you need to remember is that you want make one person know how much they mean to you.


Setting up what you are going to say:

Before you begin to write your vows, ask yourself a few questions. Answering these few questions will help you come up with the content.

  • Why write your own vows?

Writing your own vows is much more personal and meanigful vs. the traditional given to you by an officiant.

  • Why have you decided to marry?

Maybe it’s because your fiancé is the most incredible person you have ever known. Just remember to be authentic.

  • How does your fiancé make you feel?

Perhaps your partner makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. How great they are at this should be recognized in your vows.

  • When did you know you were in love?

This one is usually pretty easy. It’s a moment that freezes in time. You’ll know this. 

  • What do you want your fiancé to feel when hearing your vows for the first time?

They should feel like your hero, one in a million.

  • Share something unique and cute about your fiancé.

Maybe they have a contagious laugh, or perhaps they are not the best cook or a little clumsy, but can help solve a problem right out of the gate. Anything that comes to mind you can use.

  • What are your common likes and loves?

These can be the love of travel, music, or a favorite pastrami sandwich at midnight via your favorite deli.


Now that you pretty much have the content for your vows, your overall structure should consist of the following:

♥ Make them feel adored, loved and valued

♥ Pledge your love

♥ Talk about what you think the future holds for both of you


When you’re honest with your thoughts of this amazing person, the process will be effortless. Remember, your vows are for just your one and only. Best of luck to you!

X Kat