Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposals

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we cannot wait hear about the romantic engagements that will happen this weekend! If you’re not into the big to-do’s or fluff and massive preparation, just remember to be true to yourself and your special one. Romance is always a winning option. But we love hearing about the big to-do’s as well!  Good luck to all you kids out there moving one step closer to getting hitched!
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Wedding Cakes Galore!

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When it comes to wedding cakes, the bar has been re-set! Today’s wedding cake industry has evolved into an “Master Artisan Crafts Only” arena. There are now competitive cooking shows dedicated to wedding cakes and desserts that have spilled over into the wedding market giving couples an amazing amount of inspiration. Basically if you can dream it, cake designers can create it. Below is a little cake collection of some incredibly gorgeous designs we have had the pleasure of incorporating into a few of our weddings. If only we had access to digital scratch n’ sniff!


Cake by Superfine Bakery
Photo by OneLove Photography

Vanilla Bake Shop

Wedding Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop
Photo by OneLove Photography

Jones on Third

Wedding Cake by Joan’s on Third
Photo by Tec Petaja

Rose Bud Cakes

Wedding Cake by Rose Bud Cakes
Photo by OneLove Photography


♥ How to write your own vows…

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Writing your own vows can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. It’s as simple as this: You are writing the vows for one person. You are not writing vows for 100 guests. Your guests are merely witnesses to your love for this person. All you need to remember is that you want make one person know how much they mean to you.


Setting up what you are going to say:

Before you begin to write your vows, ask yourself a few questions. Answering these few questions will help you come up with the content.

  • Why write your own vows?

Writing your own vows is much more personal and meanigful vs. the traditional given to you by an officiant.

  • Why have you decided to marry?

Maybe it’s because your fiancé is the most incredible person you have ever known. Just remember to be authentic.

  • How does your fiancé make you feel?

Perhaps your partner makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. How great they are at this should be recognized in your vows.

  • When did you know you were in love?

This one is usually pretty easy. It’s a moment that freezes in time. You’ll know this. 

  • What do you want your fiancé to feel when hearing your vows for the first time?

They should feel like your hero, one in a million.

  • Share something unique and cute about your fiancé.

Maybe they have a contagious laugh, or perhaps they are not the best cook or a little clumsy, but can help solve a problem right out of the gate. Anything that comes to mind you can use.

  • What are your common likes and loves?

These can be the love of travel, music, or a favorite pastrami sandwich at midnight via your favorite deli.


Now that you pretty much have the content for your vows, your overall structure should consist of the following:

♥ Make them feel adored, loved and valued

♥ Pledge your love

♥ Talk about what you think the future holds for both of you


When you’re honest with your thoughts of this amazing person, the process will be effortless. Remember, your vows are for just your one and only. Best of luck to you!

X Kat

You’re engaged! What to do next….

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1.) It’s always super exciting news when someone gets engaged. However and whenever you decide to spread the news, just make sure you do! Whether it is a formal announcement in mail or social media post, let your world share in your excitement! Keep in mind telling your families first should always be your first move.

Spread the News

Photo: We Love Typography


2.) As soon as your friends and family know about your engagement, they will almost always want to know when you are getting married. You can give them a little teaser like the time of year you have decided to focus on. But your planning should begin fairly soon after being engaged, especially if you have agreed on a season.


Photo: OneLove Photography

DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET…a realistic one.

3.) Do your homework on this one. You should know from the beginning what you will have to spend and if you will be having any help form family members. You don’t want take into consideration a wedding that will not fit within your budget. There are plenty of wedding websites out there that can help you calculate your wedding costs based on your location and your ideal budget. If you hire a wedding planner one of the first services you will experience is a realistic cost for your wedding once all details and inspirations and budget are taken into consideration.


Photo Unknown


4.) I always like to tell my clients to create a Pinterest board even if it’s a secret one at that, You don’t need to many “cooks in the kitchen” with all the unwanted input you could get from those that follow you. A private board is always the way to go. This will also help both of you determine what your wedding will ultimately look like. Invite your wedding planner (if you have one) to the board. They will need access to your board to understand your wedding day visions.


Photo Green Wedding Shoes


5.) Registering for gifts is always fun. It’s a sure way to get the items you want. If you choose a honeymoon fund, this is great way to help alleviate the cost of your trip and will allow you to really be present and enjoy the trip together.


Photo Wiliam Sonoma


Don’t forget to contact your insurance agent for coverage should your ring get lost, stolen or damaged. Your jeweler will give you certified appraisal at the time you are buying the ring. Make sure you have a clear understanding of coverages and deductibles etc. Better to be safe than sorry.


Photo Tiffanys